Disassembly Knock Down(DKD)

Disassembly Knock Down(DKD)

DKD means after finishing all car manufacturing operations and final test, disassembled some components like:- undercarriage (engine & transmission, suspensions, exhaust pipes …), wheels & tires, front or rear bumpers, head light etc. and send it to reassembled again.

DKD not included disassembly of trim components and some final tests (rain test, electrical tests & road test) because they done by manufacturer.

The importance of this level as follow:-

     1- First step in automotive industry.

     2- Find out market needs and configuration.

     3- Select the suitable car model for the market to assembly.

     4- Assembly of new car models and advance technology car models.

Investment needed:

     1- Small workshop.

     2- Lifters and some special tools.